Everyone’s taking a financial haircut with the coronavirus situation but, this morning, we take a few minutes to talk actual haircuts. Grooming tips aside, we happily discuss the latest negative decision the Rams are dealing with in regards to leaving St. Louis. We hear Ben Fred’s take on why, how and when the city could see the suit reach an end. Whether settling or seeing it through to court, what does Ben see happening? We get details on what Kevin Demoff might have come out in the news about the relocation.

If we don’t see college football this fall, what does Ben Fred think happens to the sport in general? Will NCAA see a significant dent; enough to make changes? Some tough conversations about financial decisions may be looming. Unnecessary facility upgrades, coaches salaries and irresponsible spending could be under the microscope soon. What about having sports in college without fans? Does Ben think it’s possible? Again, the TV contracts come into play.

The NHL is taking a look into having neutral locations to return to play. Hockey’s plan could have a higher chance of player approval though because there are such few games left. Free agents and those looking for new contracts likely want these games more than others so the salary cap gets some kind of increase. Ben says it’s ok to talk and plan but the same issues apply… what happens if someone contracts the virus?

We revisit Alex Pietrangelo’s potential contract too. Listen here: