MLB update with Ken Rosenthal

The Winter Warp Up is almost here and so is the Cardinals Caravan and that means baseball!  Ken Rosenthal of MLB Network, FOX Sports and the Athletic joined me to talk Cardinals, Harper, Machado, and potential changes you may see to the game this season.  Enjoy!

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MLS4thelou: The Latest News

MLS continues to expand with the expected announcement that Austin, Texas will be awarded the 27th franchise of the league.  So, what does that mean for the St. Louis project?  In this podcast, Carolyn Kindle Betz and Jim Kavanaugh explain the latest developments in...

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Tuesdays with Travis – January 15, 2019

In this weeks discussion with Travis Ford, coach discusses tonight game against Fordham, Hasahn French, a look back at last weeks play and what does the team do while they are in New York.

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Jim Edmonds

Cardinals Hall of Famer Jim Edmonds will be a part of the upcoming "Evening With The Cardinals" on January 26.  He is one of the greatest players in franchise history.  In this podcast he details what 2019 might be like, being on stage for the event with Chris...

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Chris Carpenter

Chris Carpenter is a member of the Cardinals Hall of Fame and considered one of the greatest pitchers in franchise history.  On January 26, he will be part of the annual "Evening With The Cardinals" to benefit the National Children's Cancer Society.  In this podcast,...

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