Another late start time for the Blues tonight in Game 5. They face the Stars again at Enterprise Center. Ben Fred tells us that he thinks it all comes down to Binnington verses Bishop. Ben Fred says Binnington is like the hockey version of the Terminator. Ben Fred talks about the scuffles from the last game and something fans might not have seen happen. Also, some of the guys aren’t fans of the line changes but, so far, all the alterations Berube has made have worked. So what’s the next move? What is there to unlock against the Stars now since they’ve seen so much of each other?

Cardinals are at Wrigley tonight to start the series against the Cubs. Right now, the Cardinals have the best record in baseball but the Cubs are playing well. Should be a great meeting between two of the hottest teams around. We talk about whether Matt Carpenter can get his mojo back. Wrigley has been good for him in the past. Since July of last year when Mike Shildt took over, the Cardinals have done quite well. He deserves a lot of credit for where they are now. We talk about how he interacts with players and why Yadi says Shildt is like Tony LaRussa.

What will it be like when Kris Bryant comes to the plate after the off season comments? Will it be like what happened with Brandon Phillips? Listen here.