Win or go home tonight for the Cardinals in San Diego. Jack Flaherty, last year’s ace, gets the start tonight so Ben Fred thinks the Birds are in a better spot that the Padres. Dan says it’s “Go Time” for a young pitcher who is hoping to be a household name. If he pitches the best he can, it will be hard to shake him. Ben says the key is the first inning.

Mizzou goes against Tennessee tomorrow. Ben thinks it’ll be a closer game than the spread indicates. Last week’s game against Alabama, showed signs of a team with life this year for the Tigers. The defense will have to be the backbone for this Saturday’s game too. Ben thinks we’ll see the same QB but hopefully more involvement from Rountree.

A dive into Petro now that the season is over for the NHL. Options for the captain now that teams can begin evaluating for next season. Ben’s thoughts on Doug Armstrong and his emotionless negotiation. Will the Blues see the fans storm the castle to re-sign Pietrangelo? The likelihood is less each day we get closer to his free agency. More here: