Is a proposal for an MLB baseball season on the horizon? Sources have said there are serious discussions angling toward a mid June start for training camp and a July 1(ish) opening day. The same hurdles still loom though… what about enough testing and what happens when someone tests positive? Also, what will the players make for salary? Ben Frederickson tells us this morning that negotiations better be swift because the public has no appetite to hear arguments over millions and billions at a time like this.

NCAA teams face tough decisions regarding how athletes will be compensated fairly going forward. How will the division punish teams like KU while redrawing the rules for players as cash cows? Ben hypothetically serves up the question “Why would a Chicago athlete be moving to Lawrence, KS is there’s no incentive?”

Ben Fred talks about MLS practice challenges too as they attempt to get players ready for games. Could other professional sports go the same route?

Also, his thoughts on Albert Pujols returning to the Cardinals in the future. Listen here: