The season starts tomorrow at home against well-known Florida Gulf Coast. We talk to Coach Ford about his approach to the media good or bad and how his history with Kentucky shaped his public profile.

We also talk about what winning the A10 tournament last year did for the team for this season. Have they been able to capitalize on that attention? Coach Ford says they’re still in “building mode” in year four of his coaching staff plus they’ve had to fill the roles of those players lost. What is happening with Javon Bess in the NBA?

The pre-season game against Kentucky Wesleyan last week wasn’t necessarily what the team expected but they pulled away at the end. We talk about Hasahn French and those players expected to make news this year. Also, Yuri Collins is sure to make waves as a player and teammate. Coach Ford calls him a “gritty defender”.

Listen here for what to expect this season for the Billikens mens team: