Will all sports come back at once? Will we see MLB first or a different one first? Ben says the NHL and NBA are under more pressure since they’re trying to finish a season and postseason revenues are so high. NHL salary cap is also directly correlated to how much they make the previous season. Returning non-contact sports may be less frowned upon than sports like football, wrestling, etc. Too, as far as quarantining teams, Ben says to look at this from the players eyes. Are they willing to give up seeing their families and homes for months on end? We tunnel into more questions regarding the AZ bio-dome idea lofted by MLB this week. Fans or not, dugouts and more.

Head football coach, Mike Gundy, at OK State made an ear-catching quote this week. Ben Fred gives his take on it. Is Darwinism part of his angle? Or is it only about the money? Ben’s take is that these NCAA coaches and programs should use their platforms for good instead.

Some confusion may surround Hasahn French and others college basketball players declaring for the draft. We clear up the newer rules allowing their return for college eligibility next season.

And finally, it’s on. We talk MU vs. KU border war and more: Listen here: