Dr. Fauci came out and said there’s an avenue to play. It would be without fans but at least there’s hope. Ben Fred says Dr. Fauci has been everywhere and he’s uplifted by his latest interview talking about how to get sports back. It will take strict guidelines but most people would agree that they’d rather have live sports without fans than nothing. We also discuss the movement to get teams playing in AZ/FL locations.

We turn to the senior PGA tournament that’s being held here in St. Louis in August at Norwood Hills. Ben Fred says you can make a case to have golf up and running now. He’s all for allowing people to do it now, just be smart and safe as usual.

We’re seeing some interesting development for the Blues. They’ve signed Scandella so does it affect the ability to resign Pietrangelo? Ben Fred says no, it’s more to fix the Bouwmeester hole. How and when does NHL return? The salary cap is directly affected by if there’s a postseason.

An MLS4thelou update and more here too-