A good week and a great year thus far for St. Louis sports. Fans are celebrating a Stanley Cup win for the Blues and an expected announcement next week that the city will be awarded its first MLS team. Ben Frederickson talks about what the announcement event will be like. What will the atmosphere be for the sports fans? Why did MLS decide on St. Louis? What the local ownership group offered was too good to turn down. The homegrown efforts to get this team have been impressive and Dan talks about the philanthropy. We also talk about the next steps for building the stadium and more details.

Ben Fred says “Hell hath no fury like a scorned St. Louis sports fan,” so its reinvigorating to see the city with three professional teams again. He hopes that this proves that the Rams were dead wrong in challenging the dedication of fans in this city. Dan talks about why he got behind the effort in the first place and what he’s learned since being on the sideline of this push.

What about the team name, colors, logo, etc.? Ben Fred talks about what he knows and doesn’t. What role and relationship will St. Louis FC play?

We turn to baseball talk and the firing Mark Budaska. What does Ben Fred think was the reason and will it help the offense? What will the Cardinals have to do to make the playoffs?