We catch up with Ben Frederickson to talk Cardinals on the season downhill. We get into Goldschmidt’s chase for the Triple Crown and Pujols overshadowing him to hunt down 700. How does the team fare against a cruising Atlanta Braves squad? We also talk about the seemingly lopsided trade for Jordan Montgomery and how long he could be a Cardinal. What’s the plan for Pujols and how does Marmol balance getting him the right at bats? Ben recaps his article this week digging into the poor umpiring against the Cardinals and across the league. When does the automated strike zone hit the majors? Is the team getting the short end of the stick because of a new manager or arrogance? Ben’s thoughts on the change to schedule structure for next year, too. Bielema back for Illinois football again. We take a look at their program as they get set to start the season. We also preview Mizzou’s first game, the “Brady Cook game”, next Thursday and where the team goes from there. How does Luther Burden look too? Listen here: