A rough stretch for the Cardinals lately, to say the least. Now that they’re back at home, Ben Fred says they need to capitalize on playing against some teams in lower standings. The Dodgers looked like a completely different caliber team. Now there are question marks across the board about whether the Cardinals can stay in contention. The lack of moves at the trade deadline is still souring fans, broadcasters and writers alike.

In a save situation, who would Ben Fred go with after Carlos Martinez’ fumble on Wednesday? In may not be the popular opinion, but Ben says he’d still go with C Mart. We also talk about the health of Alex Reyes. Right now, the future is up in the air as to what this role will be with the major league club.

If the rest of season keeps going downhill, what does the club do to re-tool? With Carpenter coming back and Fowler with two more years on his contract, what happens with Ozuna as a free agent? Maybe the possible Ozuna departure makes room for Dylan Carlson next year?

The front office still hasn’t explained why and when the focus switched from this year to next. Ben Fred questions whether there will be a reckoning as to why their plan for this year didn’t work and how does that affect years to come?

We talk St. Louis Blues signings and free agents. Edmondson is a lock. Now what about Barbashev? And Maroon? Ben Frederickson made the connection with Scoops’ newest writer Mike Miller. We talk about his article yesterday on the newest Blues Iceplex.

Dabo Swinney made comments confirming he wouldn’t be giving Mizzou’s Kelly Bryant a championship ring because he wasn’t on the team. The Twitter-verse had a field day with it. Ben says that means this quarterback can move the needle and has a big fan base watching him this year. A lot of exciting things happening at Mizzou’s football camp. Listen here: