We hear a great summary of local sports today, and every friday, from Ben Frederickson of The Post Dispatch. Some winning basketball for the region lately with SLU, Missouri and Illini looking good on the court. The Braggin’ Right game in Columbia tomorrow could be intense. Illini’s win verses Duke was huge. Missouri came up big against Oregon and is undefeated too. It’ll be one to watch.

We talk about Tiger Football and Coach Drink too. Does he deserve the SEC Coach of the Year award? If he beats Georgia tomorrow, his chances will go way up.

Cardinals off-season has been somewhat boring. Ben Fred breaks down the “hurry up and wait” situation for fans. We dive more into the DH situation. The press conference this week said a lot without saying anything. Some talk, though, about Carlos Martinez and his role this year. Will he be the closer? John Mozeliak was also pretty clear about wanting Molina and Wainwright back. “Fix the offense” too, but how?

What’s the latest on the Blues? News division, how many games and more details here: