It’s a love-fest this morning for the Braggin’ Rights game. Tomorrow at noon Missouri will tip off against Illinois in what could be a tough match for them. Ben said Missouri needs to step up and he tells us the players that will make it or break it for the Tigers. Can this game get back to what it used to be as a rivalry? What about each team’s battle for recruitment?

The Cardinals have signed a lefty so what shifts are made now in the rotation or bullpen? Carlos Martinez is supposedly healthy so what is his role? We talk retiring Ted Simmons number too.

MLS4thelou got a negative surprise this week as the state pulled back from their 30 million in tax credits. Ben Fred talks about why the Governor is in a bad light and has to answer for the failed promise. He’s left the team “standing at the altar” in Ben Fred’s words.

The Blues are winning and writing themselves a another great story. As the NHL trade deadline approaches does Armstrong add offense and change the already stellar chemistry? Without Tarasenko, other players have stepped up like Perron and Kyrou. Will the team keep rolling though the second half of the season?