5 Questions about 2019 with Ben Frederickson this morning. 5) Top sports story in 2019? Easy Answer – the Blues run for the Cup. Ben Fred recaps why it was such an amazing year for Blues fans. He talks following Alex Pietrangelo in the parade and more. 4) Athlete of the year for 2019? He says one player really stood out and there’s no argument. His runner up (Jack Flaherty) was quite impressive though. 3) Ben Fred’s one moment of the year for St. Louis? Dan and Ben each have their own contributions. 2) Berube or Shildt for best manager? 1) St. Louis sports figure with the worst year/- Odom, Carpenter and more

5 Questions about 2020 to wrap it up. Ben Fred’s biggest wishes for sports in 2020- MLS, Cardinals outfield, Eli Drinkwitz talk. What will happen next for the infrastructure around the stadium now that the state has faltered on their part? Does Ben Fred think the Blues will repeat a run at the cup? Not such a far fetched idea if they keep playing as they have been. What has to happen for it? Dan and Ben talk about Drinkwitz’s Mizzou contract and must-dos. Listen here: