We jump right into baseball with Ben Fred this morning. The Astros press conference yesterday about their cheating was quite the disaster. Ben Fred says it’s truly remarkable that they could mess it up as badly as they did. One group blamed another and there was no remorse. How were they so unprepared? After such a mess, they’ve opened up more questions. If any fans were possibly getting passed it before, maybe now they’re backtracking. Altuve and Bregman should have never been allowed to talk at the juncture. So what now?

What is Ben’s opinion on Jeff Albert’s talk of it from Cardinals camp this week? Is he a by-product of the Astros system or will he provide results this year? How does Rob Manfred recover from this and right the baseball ship? Not by making changes to the postseason as distraction.

We turn to the terrifying scene in Anaheim regarding the Blues Jay Bouwmeester. Ben Fred says the medical staff, playing staff and management staff have done an incredible job reacting to it. Hopefully this is the biggest thing the team has to overcome this year. How does the team deal with the loss of him as a player? Now the Bleas have questions at the trade deadline about finding replacements for some.

We talk the controversial article on Lutheran North vs. John Burroughs written by Ben this week too. Listen here: