A lot to talk about this morning with Ben Fredrickson of the St. Louis Post-dispatch. With the Missouri Tigers basketball team sitting at a 10 and 15 record, what is on the horizon for Coach Martin? Is a bad year at year five a death sentence? We talk about if the team could rebound by getting more into the NIL scene. Also, how quickly could the team turn around with help from the transfer portal?

We talk too about the Blues and how the club leadership has established a consistently winning team. They seem to always be in the hunt and have fans engaged. Will the same go for the city’s new soccer team? Ben talks to us about the news this week of stadium naming rights. The timing was good showing that a huge corporation in Centene sees this investment as a worthy one.

Some St. Louisans may have had a hard time watching the Rams win the Super Bowl last weekend but at least the parade turn out didn’t show us up. Listen here: