A look at the stories coming out of the first days in Jupiter. We talk about the fifth starter competition. Will it be Carlos, Ponce or maybe even Reyes? Also, the set up in the outfield. Ben Frederickson says he wants to see a lot of Lane Thomas. Nolan Gorman asked to camp early for some work at second base- what could that mean for his future?

We also talk about the monster Fernando Tatis Jr. contract that didn’t have to happen. What does that mean for baseball as a whole? Teams that are dumping salary? Maybe the claim that these owners don’t have money isn’t as substantiated as they let on. Could a contract that large mean anything for Dylan Carlson?

Some news on Mizzou basketball and their roster this weekend too. Be talks about what the team need to do to get right. SLUs path to tourney selection as well. Listen here: