We talk tans, training camp, XFL and more today with award-winning Ben Frederickson of The Post Dispatch. A recurring topic this week- what are Bens thoughts on a starter to fill in for Mikolas? Also, his insights on other teams involved in the sign-stealing scam.

The XFL is making waves in St Louis as the city prepares for its first home opener this Sunday. Ben is excited to see the crowd, the atmosphere and just an all-around fun event. Does its fanfare make the NFL regret leaving? Will the league last here?

Mizzou and SLU hoops have a steep hill to climb if they want to see postseason play. Pinson has shown to be a formidable player on the scene for Mizzou and that’s at least something to be positive about. SLU has been its own worst enemy so what will they need from the A-10 tourney to get anywhere?

Illini on the other hand has been the brighter light for college basketball fans in the area. They’ve gotten some big wins recently and Ben Fred thinks the pattern can continue.

Blues in a familiar spot as last season with losses of late. Can Binnington turn it on to push them through to another playoff run? Listen here: