It’s a Ben Fred Friday and we get into it with Ben Frederickson of Ben says the Chiefs parade mimicked the Blues parade with players down on the streets partying hard. It was hard for Ben to go full Chiefs fan since Clark hunt voted for the Rams to leave, though.

We discuss potential Cardinals HOFers for this year. Only two get in so who will it be? Ben picks Keith Hernandez and possibly Matt Morris. He has some surprising takes on others who may make it in the future. Could David Freese be a Cardinals Hall of Famer? Ben says Edgar Renteria may get a lot of votes if the voters skew younger.

Is there wind in the Arenado trade sail? Not really right now. It seems the Rockies are waiting to see what Spring Training and the start of the season are like for the club. Ben suggests one route for the Rockies is to just relieve the GM of his duties.

A few big signings for Mizzou football in recent weeks. Ennis Rakestraw’s commitment to Mizzou made a big splash for Coach Drinkwitz. Many are saying it’s a mission of Drinkwitz to keep the local players close.

Isaac Bruce is a Hall of Famer and taking St. Louis with him to Canton. A perfect way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Rams Super Bowl win. What will the Battlehawks get as far as support now too?

We talk Boston’s reaction to the MLB punishments, the effectiveness of the gag order and more. Blues trade deadline talk too. Listen here: