All NHL eyes are on St. Louis for the All-Star game this weekend. Ben Fred said everything is sold out, the Alumni Game was a smash hit and people were cramming into Stifel for information on Thursday. Ben tells us about how cool it is for the Tkachuk family to have two boys playing in it. Also, will Berube put all the Blue players on ice at once? There are St. Louisans playing from other teams too. What a Cinderella story for hockey in St. Louis. How do these successful events reverb to new opportunities for the city?

Marcell Ozuna is officially gone and Ben Fred Gives us his thoughts on his contract and replacement. We learn that Shildt wanted Ozuna back but the front-office was the cold front. So which young unproven outfielder takes his place? Does Carlson get a shot? Bader’s comments from the Winter Warm Up suggest he was confident for the center field spot. Is his confidence rightful? The fans should be worried about the lineup, according to Dan. How do they fix the issues? Lots of baseball talk as we head to Spring Training soon.

Ben Fred fills us into the latest news on the MLS stadium. They are moving forward and the Governor has made some moves too. Listen here: