We’re just about a week away from spring training so our first topic is all things Cardinals. Ben Frederickson tells us a few things he’s excited about as baseball gets underway. He says the left field competition will be a daily must-see. O’Neill, in Ben’s mind, has the lead now but Carlson might be the guy to really watch. Ben and Dan both want to see what Lane Thomas can do as well. What happens to center and right field spots if the three guys fighting for left are better? Ben says the Cardinals don’t “ monkey-around” when it comes to service time so we could see a slew of new faces to the majors.

Will the Cincinnati Red be as interesting as their off-season moves? Dan says the Milwaukee Brewers could be a sleeper success too as he like some of their recent moves. Does the Arenado deal happen after season starts? Might come down to his attitude in spring training and if Colorado wins the first half of the season. The Cardinals meanwhile are preaching to expect a different offensive result from the same players as last year.

The NHL All Star shabang was huge success for the city. Fan Fest had double the attendance numbers than ever before.  Ben Fred said it was so packed that it was hard to move but in a great way. Everyone was jovial even those waiting 4+ hours to take a picture with the Stanley Cup.

Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of the “Greatest Show on Turf.” Ben says the best way to commemorate the event would be to get Isaac Bruce in HoF.

Sounds like the Battlehawks will sell out many of their first games. Ben Fred even delayed his trip to Spring Training because of the Battlehawks home opener.

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