A glimpse at the second half of the St. Louis Cardinals here with Ben Frederickson of the Post – Dispatch. His thoughts on if it’s possible for the Cardinals to contend this year or not. Being eight games out, how radical does the team need to be to make the playoffs? Ben points out that it has been many years since the team has significantly improved at the trade deadline. Realistically, could Liberatore  move up to help the bullpen? Ben gives us two other key players he sees as mandatory buys.

Some big news coming out of the Rams lawsuit hearing this week in St. Louis. Ben reported this week on some fairly damning emails coming out discovery. Also, the judge ruled from the bench that the St. Louis lawyers are able to obtain financial information for a certain set of defendants and that’s not very common. Ben says those wealthy defendants likely aren’t too happy about having to open their books. Once the timeline is laid out, and folks see the league talking out of both sides of their face, Ben thinks this could look extremely bad for the NFL.

We also take a look at the upcoming expansion draft, and how it affects Tarasenko. Will Doug Armstrong strike a deal before Seattle steps up?

A bit on the upcoming Mizzou/college press days and more here: