Pitching is again today’s hot topic with Ben Frederickson of stltoday.com. The Cardinals are still dancing around the 5th starter position but both Ben and Dan agree that Kim is a wise choice. Although Martinez, Gomber and Ponce de Leon have made their best cases for a spot too. Ben points out that Carlos Martinez is the smart choice for the closer because he has experience and it may actually be a more important than a 5th starter. We bat around defining the line-up too. It seems fairly set with a few interchangeable parts. Ben is optimistic about Paul Dejong, Kolten Wong and the thinner, stronger Molina. Where do Bader, Ravelo and Fowler fit though?

The Blues are back on the ice and Ben says “beating each other up.” He says the practices are intense, players are fired up and they’re bought in. Ben feels good about Berube’s feel for this team and Tarasenko looks great coming back.

What are the chances of college football’s return as we near time to decide? Seems the discussion surrounds larger conferences verses smaller conferences. The NCAA may get involved to standardize testing and player protocols but is it too little too late?