An incredible roadtrip for the Cardinals. They start the day in first place in the NL central. Without some of their key players, they’ve won every series since the All-Star break and just swept the Pirates. Ben Frederickson talks to us about what they need to do at the trade deadline. Pitching, hitting power and more? Who do the Cardinals have to deal for win-now help?

Goldschmidt is looking more like the players the Cardinals thought they would get. Now the Cardinals get into series with winning record teams- the Dodgers, Astros and Cubs. What happens now? Frederickson said they need another dash of pepper to be considered a World Series contender.

Does Pat Maroon come back to St. Louis Blues? Frederickson says it will come down to the salary cap. If they get the players back that they want to, namely Barbashev, is there enough money left to sign Pat Maroon?

We also talk Mizzou. Frederickson’s story in the Post Dispatch claims that the team could go 8-0 into a hot game against Georgia. A week from today, practice starts for the team with Kelly Bryant. Frederickson says the team has the most appealing schedule of any SEC team. Listen here for more: