We’ve got a lot to talk about with Ben Frederickson of the Post Dispatch. What are his thoughts on the return of Albert to St. Louis? Dan thinks baseball has done a disservice to St. Louis in not having Anaheim visit our city until now. Ben agrees. We talk about the warm-hearted response Pujols will get from the fans tonight. How will Yadi stall? How will Wacha react on the mound? We get into a lot more on Albert here.

What about the Cardinals in Ben’s opinion? What about the game ending last night with Flaherty getting picked off second? Ben Fred disagrees with pitchers pinch running. He says the lack of competition has been a very serious issue. If Oquendo says they need a “kick in the butt”, what does that mean for the club? Is Goldschmidt getting out of his rut?

Dan said Ben Fred’s article on the parade and Pietrangelo was incredible and emotional. Ben Fred gives us the eye-watering details. It’s a must listen.

Also, listen here for Dan’s take on how the Blues win affects the entire city and how it relates to MLS coming to town. What does Ben Fred say about Kavanaugh and Kindle Betz at the parade? How should the region look at this city-wide celebration in terms of approving the MLS team?