Ben Fred sets the mood for a good weekend. This morning we talk about the Cardinals and the road trip. The team hits the West Coast after another disappointing week and a “filibuster” of sorts from Mike Shildt.

A team that’s unable to find its rhythm, needs to be better offensively and get more reliable starts. What does Ben Fred say about Carpenter and Goldschmidt? Why does he think they’re still slumping? Tommy Edman has been a “livewire” so for now, Ben would use him as a spark. Can the Cardinals turn it around? Ben Fred says it’s like this team is just waiting around for something to happen.

The loss of Hicks this week to Tommy John is a big blow to the ball club too. What direction will the Cardinals go as far as acquiring pitching help? Ben Fred says starters. Some names that come to mind are Scherzer, Greinke and Bumgartner. Who can the Cardinals get?

Ben said the weekend with Pujols was awesome. He was in the room with Albert when the former Cardinal got emotional. Most of the players on the field at Busch hadn’t played with Pujols so maybe it was eye-opening for them what someone like that meant to the fans. Ben Fred says there was a layer that many of the current Cardinals didn’t know existed as far as fans go.

Switching gears to Mizzou football. What is the stance on the postseason ban? Will it be lifted? Ben Fred says the school feels somewhat more comfortable about their chances to get the ban removed. The question now is when. Does the season start with the speculation still looming?

Now that the Blues have won the cup, sports fans are wondering about the stance of #MLS4thelou. Carolyn Kindle Betz made a statement this week saying the ownership team has been working tirelessly over the last few months to secure more details to get the MLS team in St. Louis. Ben Fred breaks down the steps from here to solidify getting a club. Will politics factor into the ownership group’s efforts?

Finishing up talking about the Blues. The fans are thankful that the coach is locked in for 3 years but some questions exist about free agents. Pat Maroon, Jake Allen and more are debatable. It was good to hear that Gunnarson signed a two-year deal yesterday. Does Pat Maroon stay in his hometown for less money again? Or does he get paid more elsewhere now that he’s won the Cup.

Ben Fed says for the stars need to be the stars for the Cardinals. What will they do with Matt Carpenter and Goldschmidt if they just can’t hit? Maybe the front office is considering how to add to this team soon. It doesn’t look there’s an easy way to fix the problems as the team exists now.