Thoughts on what is happening in the world due to coronavirus. It is an unprecedented day without sports. Ben says it wasn’t that long ago he was cracking jokes and sending memes about the virus. The Cardinals players seem to understand this pause is bigger than them. Limiting crowds seems to be one big way to help stop the spread. But why did MLB start 6 grapefruit league games when they knew baseball would come to a screeching halt? Ben plans to talk to John Mozeliak today about it after the team’s mandatory meeting.

Ben tosses a question about how this affects each team… Does this become a competition where the team that weathers this the best is the most successful? Relationships have been tense across baseball between players and owners anyway. The way this situation is handled could play into future negotiations. If a player wants to go home, do they let him? To the Dominican Republic? To Japan?

We talk about the heartbreak SLU players, especially seniors, and players across the NCAA must be feeling. Ben hopes the NCAA organization gives some of these affected players different eligibility options. How does it affect transfers?

March Madness, Battlehawks, Blues run, Cardinals Opening Day, and more solemn discussions about the sports freeze.