A visit with Ben Fred about his experience in Florida as camps were closing. What were the Cardinals telling the media? What does Ben Fred think will happen to allow media members back once play resumes? He talks about why he and a few of his colleagues chose to stay down there even though Spring Training was cancelled. He said he had just stocked up on groceries when Rob Manfred showed up at Roger Dean to shut it all down.

Also, what’s the status of the London trip? It still hasn’t been cancelled. Does Ben Fred think it will? What about the other events scheduled throughout the summer for the Cardinals and at Busch Stadium?

The biggest question we raise today is, does MLB have a season at all this year? If so how and how many games? Maybe this we be a benefit to labor discussions next year if everyone realizes they hate not playing. Also, Ben Fred says managing pitching will be the way handle an adjusted season and Cardinals should have a leg up there because of depth.

What does Ben make of the comments recently by the NHL and Blues owners? It seems to him that there won’t be a postseason this year. His take is that they punt this year which will be hard on the Blues since they are in such a good position to try for a Cup repeat. Also, has Pietrangelo played his last game as Blue? We talk XFL Battlehawks disappointment too.

So how to we lift people up without sports? How do we do what we can for those adversely affected by COVID-19? Ben talks about his family in the medical field and their experiences. Listen here: