Ben Frederickson is with us from Jupiter FL where he’s seeing some interesting storylines develop. In his opinion, the competition for the outfield is still more undefined than the Cardinals let on. He wants to see more from Lane Thomas and the younger guys. Also, the woes of C Mart continue. His start last night was forgettable although he got no help from home plate umpire, Angel Hernandez. Ben has seen great things from Gorman so far too and wonders if he could become a factor later in the season. We talk about the lineup spots for Carlson and the quietly solid, Paul Dejong. Can he prove he’s in the All-Star caliber SS group?

Some discussion on Blues power-play offense appearing the other night as well as the return of Tarasenko. News on Mizzou basketball and how March plays out for them. The last Arch Madness for Doug Elgin is here. Ben previews that for us here too.