Ben has finally made his way down to spring training and his initial impression is that the Cardinals have some very deep pitching potential. With Mikolas and Miller battling serious injuries, another team might say this is a bad start to the season but, with the amount of replacement opportunity, it’s hard to be too concerned. Reyes told Ben he thinks they could build two major league rotations and be very good with both.

As far as defense behind the pitchers, Ben brings up the point that the Cardinals have a lot of money invested in aging players. Can they effectively ride the age bubble without injury to players like Goldschmidt, Fowler and Carp?

Arch Madness college hoops tournament returns to St Louis this weekend and Ben is disappointed to miss it. He thinks Northern Iowa looks good but admits his high hopes of Missouri State were dashed. Also, can SLU run the A-10 tournament for a shot at the dance? It will take a win over Dayton but Ben says it’s possible.

The Battlehawks are still impressing the national football crowd and are optimistic about opening the upper bowl for the game vs. LA. Can they show off even more with a sellout? Ben credits much of the team’s community success to the hard work of president, Kurt Hunzeker.

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