We start with talking about the Blues and that great win in game 7 this week. Ben says every team is tired by this point but the players are only half way up a mountain that they’ve never scaled. He says whatever happens now, these final four teams need to look at their season as a success.

When Berube was announced as the interim earlier this season the first two questions were about them going after Joel Quenneville- not many thought this type of season was possible. In Ben’s opinion, Berube is successful because of the physical respect the players have for him. We go over the smart moves Berube has made to overcome so much this season.

The key for this series against the Sharks, according to Ben Fred, is getting more plays from their big name players. It’ll be very hard to beat San Jose without them. He says having the third line as the best line might be a problem in this series.

Pat Maroon took less money for a job in his hometown with the Blues. Covering game 7 and the last goal by Pat Maroon is one of best moments Ben Fred has reported on in his career so far. The city was the real winner of game 7 because of the two hometown stars, Ben Bishop and Pat Maroon.

We switch to the Cardinals. It’s nice to talk about the offense instead of the pitching for a change. Last night’s game was impressive offensively. Ben Fred isn’t ready to worry about Matt Carpenter and Paul Goldschmidt’s season. He says he is beginning to worry about the starting pitchers.

Playing the Avalanche would have been fun but there’s a much better discussion happening right now about in St. Louis about Kroenke. Ben Fred’s recent article in the Post Dispatch highlighted this important topic. We get into how the city should handle investing in efforts like sports teams.

Ben Fred says Blues in seven games against the Sharks. Listen here: