We are one step closer to having a 2020 baseball season. We talk it all over with Ben Frederickson of the Post Dispatch this morning. Will the hang up be health or money for the players association? Maybe both as Ben says the owners screwed up by putting their proposal in public before the players could even see it. He says it shows a real distrust between the two sides and he’s wondering how these negotiations will bring ripple effects for years. Will there be enough tests and what about players with underlying condition concerns?

Ben says the NHL could actually return before baseball because he thinks their negotiations are quieter and more amicable. They’ve got so much to lose on post season revenue that it seems almost guaranteed that the league will try to return to finish the season.

Ben’s recent article on Drew Lock shined a light on what could be a great year for a Mizzou grad. Elway and the Broncos went into the draft looking to build offense for Lock so we’ll see how that potentially pans out for the former Tiger. Ben says it would be nice for the college program to have such a successful ambassador since the last few before him didn’t pan out.

Nascar and PGA are returning without crowds so Americans will see how these live event broadcasts look very soon. That and more here: