Well, we still have just as many questions about baseball’s return as we had last week but today we’ll look at them with (maybe a little) optimism. We know the owners have submitted a health and safety proposal to the players, so now they’re hashing out what is realistic or not. Ben is somewhat impressed with the level of safety/testing that the league plans to implement so hopefully that’s a step in the right direction. The biggest speed bump is still the financial agreement.

In Bens opinion, the NHL and NBA are likely doing better in their negotiations for return because it’s behind closed doors and out of the media. With the latest news being that 24 teams could make the NHL playoffs, how will that play out?

The Battlehawks Could make a comeback if Vince My Mahon plays his puppet strings and pocketbook properly. But is that a good thing? Ben Fred says it’s hard to look at the situation as a positive with how shady McMahon is being

Mizzou basketball has a small reason to celebrate with Xavier Pinson returning instead of potentially going pro. If the Illini and SLU get the same good news with their players all staying put, it could make for some really great  college basketball in our region.

We talk a little more about the embarrassing NFL stadium costs coming out of LA and what it means for the lawsuit pending in St. Louis. Listen here: