Saint Louis has been waiting so long to get to the Stanley Cup finals. This time last week, we were talking about officiating and the poor/no call against the Blues. How does Ben Fred think that fueled the team to win the West? How did affect the Sharks?

Ben Fred says Game 6 was electric, literally. The storms outside and immediate tornado warning made for an undeniably charged atmosphere. How do the Blues overcome the Bruins? Playing against David Backes is an interesting twist for the Blues and their fans. Will they be friendly or will his ties to the city mean nothing?

Binnington has been a machine. Ben Fred compares him to a boa constrictor in the net. He says the Bruins will have to try to exploit a weakness somehow but so far Binnington hasn’t shown one.

Atlanta Braves are in St. Louis today for the start of three against the Cardinals. Ben Fred says he understands Mike Shildt and the team trying to exercise patience but maybe they’re ignoring too much. How do you get Bader in the lineup? How to you get Dexter Fowler a prime rotation spot?

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