The Blues have been fun to cover for Ben Frederickson. He says there’s a different hero every night in these playoffs. The Boston trip was trying but the team responded together and Ben Fred can’t wait to get home. He says the atmosphere was wild and wacky. Ben Fred notes that hospitality was interesting in Boston with some fans having rough encounters. What does he say about the popcorn throwing and lack of seats for the Black Aces? Is there a problem with the ice in Boston?

Thy physical game that the Blues play was tough to match for the Bruins. Unfortunately, now Sundqvist pays a one game price but the Notes won’t let up. Berube deserves so much credit for the tactical moves he’s made matching players together.

Jordan Binnington had a “meet the media” day in Boston and saved his best one-liners for Jim Thomas. What did Binnington say when asked about being compared to Kurt Warner?

We talk Cardinals and the Kris Bryant comments resurfacing lately. Will Yadi be in lineup this weekend? What will he have to say about these statements as of late? Will it be the spark the Cardinals need to fuel an uptick? Listen here.