We talk big MLS news with the stadium renderings coming out this week. What hurdles are facing the ownership team to get this stadium built? Ben Frederickson, of the Post Dispatch, says the combination of location, property tax compromise and inclusion of practice fields makes this stadium plan a win for St. Louis. But can they get it ready in time for the 2022 deadline?

What’s the word on the front office and coach for the team? Dan Flynn? Ben says he may not be a lock to run the club like some think.

How do the blues do without Tarasenko? Could he be back for playoffs? Ben says he can’t be replaced but each team member will have to do more to fill the hole. They do get some salary cap relief since it’s a long term injury.

No Mizzou football this weekend but we talk about Barry Odom’s job security. Is he on the hot seat? Does the season turn around or will fans taper off as the wins do?

We talk Cardinals off season goals, gets and goodbyes. How about the future of the electronic strike zone? Listen here: