Bombshell article about the Rams. What’s come out now about their stadium woes in LA? What about the newly found damning email on the mishandling of relocation? Ben Fred summarizes the new info and juicy details of how odds are less and less in Kroenke’s favor.

We talk more about rushing into an early contact extension for Yadier Molina. Ben Fred advises that maybe it’s not necessary to jump so quick. Why so?

Rob Manfred has spoken this week about the sign stealing scandal and changes to baseball that Ben Fred says could make a big impact on teams. What does he make of the punishment and enforcement talk?

Mizzou back in action this weekend. Is a bowl game possible? Will they be able to end the season proudly? Ben Fred says that the offense is the crux of the recent losses. These next two games mean everything for Barry Odom and ticket sales. Where is the appeal decision too? Why is it delayed?

At last, a conversation about the Illini and Lovie Smith. The team and coaching staff look solid. Smith says next year’s team looks to be their best yet. More here: