We talk over the big news of the week with Ben Frederickson of the Post Dispatch. What does he make of the NCAA upholding the ban on Mizzou? After the college cooperated with the investigation fully, it was widely thought that the punishment would somehow be amended as it was too strict. So exactly how are they exacted impacted by the decision now. We discuss the broken system and the affects this has league-wide. Mizzou men’s basketball is struggling to find itself this year too. How does the team stack up? Ben Fred tells us his thoughts for how they can be winners. Is this the final weekend for Barry Odom as football coach? Who could his replacement be?

We turn talk to SLU basketball. Their season has been impressive thus far and Ben Fred tells us about the keys to continue winning. What does Ben Fred say about the big win over Boston College and Hasahn French’s NFL potential?

We also talk about the fantastic interview with Ted Simmons this week and the potential to get in the Hall of Fame. Simmons talked about his relationship with Whitey Herzog, Yadi’s ability and more. Ben Frederickson gives his thoughts on Simmons, Larry Walker and more Hall of Fame talk.

Blues are hot. Injuries and all, what is the team doing well? Can Jordan Binnington keep them going? Listen here: