Baseball off-season is getting shorter and shorter. So many sports to talk about in the St. Louis area. We start this morning by talking about the press conference to extend the Cardinals coaches and management. Ben Fred says he wasn’t surprised by the extensions at all but was, in fact, surprised by the sentiment that the front office doesn’t see an exact move to make right now to better the club. He says the team in 2020 will likely look the same as 2019, given the comments in the conference. So what does Ben Fred say is coming for the offense? Maybe nothing at all?

The word “outlier” has been used for Matt Carpenter often recently. What does that mean? Does Ben Fred think the Cardinals are wise to keep the support going for Carp? Ben Fred suggests a back-up plan if Carpenter’s year goes the same way. How about help for Dejong?

We talk pitching too. Will Wainwright be back? Most people say Wacha won’t. How about Martinez as a starter again? Ben Fred wants it to happen for C Mart but how? And who is the closer if he isn’t?

What will Mizzou look like in Georgia? We get into which team travels to Athens- one that plays to their potential or not? Ben Fred fesses up to mentioning an undefeated season before it started as now the team is possibly off the rails. Will Odom keep his job?

Billikens basketball had a great home opener. Dan talks highs and lows. He says Hasahn French is the real deal and other players looked just as legit as last year’s A10 tournament. What other names can fans get excited about?

We talk Blues, Robby Fabbri’s exit and more here: