Dan and Ben Fred play a Russian Roulette game of sorts with the current Cardinals. Ben offers opinions on an array of players and coaches. Ozuna, Waino, Matt Carpenter, Carlos Martinez and more. What about hitting coach Jeff Albert? Ben Fred says some explanation is necessary as far as the plan moving forward for the offense. He says the Cardinals need to be able to explain their methodology easily and, thus far, it’s been confusing at best for fans.

We talk about the free agents available and the likelihood of each becoming a Cardinal. Anthony Rendon, Justin Turner, Mike Moustakas, or Asdrubal Cabrera? How do the Cardinals get some time off for Paul DeJong? Maybe Tommy Edman is the key to that if the team shores up third base for 2020.

A renewed border war for Mizzou and Kansas basketball seems like a good thing for both schools. Since big rivalries have been fading across sports, how does Ben Fred think the fans will react to its resurrection?

How about the St. Louis Battlehawks? What is the interest level for fans and how will the Post-Dispatch cover it? Ben Fred says it’s all still in the works. As readers show their interest level, the paper looks at how much to invest in coverage. Does it all come down to winning?

More on the NFL lawsuit in St. Louis, the Kroenke mess in LA, football’s return to the city all here: