In-fighting within the NFL owner ranks and doubt circulating about payment responsibility. A great article this week from Seth Wickersham on the closed-door owners meeting. Is Kroenke turning on his own kind? Ben Frederickson gets into details here about a settlement offer, expansion team and more.

Switching gear to the Cardinals- we talk about the Marmol hire and what fans could be feeling about him now. Will he bend to politics? How fluid will the roster be and what will his approach be to platooning? Ben talks about the possibility of a shortened spring training and a stalemate off-season. We talk about if the team will go out and score big names this winter or will they have reasons to not.

Mizzou football gets a big commit in Luther Burden. We talk about this weekend’s matchup and how the rest of their season plays out. A big loss for the Billikens in Javonte Perkins. Ben gives us his thoughts on that huge disappointment for the men’s basketball team. Listen here: