A look at the up and down few weeks for the Cardinals. What to make of the clunker last night? Ben talks about Carlson’s absence, O’Neill’s hot and cold offense plus Alec Burleson. Are some pitchers running on fumes?  We talk about Wainwright and Molina’s record breaking game too. What would their record look like if they had been healthy through years? Thoughts on Flaherty tonight and the postseason. Mizzou’s poor showing last Saturday will hopefully be the rock bottom. Ben talks about where they go from here and how the transfer portal is proving important. We get into the Ryan O’Reilly contract extension and how the big deals for young players will weigh on it. Ben points out the pattern for Doug Armstrong- if a player starts playing games without an extension, they often don’t get one. So how long do the Blues want ROR around? What about Binnington’s backup and Tarasenko’s malaise? Listen here: