Offense? Same problem, different day for the Cardinals. We talk it over with Ben Frederickson of the Post Dispatch. He thinks it’s fair to look to Jeff Albert, the hitting coach, as a common denominator. Although Mozeliak doesn’t want to go there and oft points to this outlier of a year plus the adversity of COVID as the reason for the club’s issues.

Paul Goldschmidt is on an island when it comes to the line-up so how will the team address building around him? Ben doesn’t know why any team would give Goldschmidt a pitch to hit. Will they go out in the off-season and find support or will it be more excuses?

Adam Wainwright with another stellar performance this week. He’s undoubtedly the ace of the squad and one of the only reliable players on the team as a whole. He’s showing that it’s not just about velocity. He’s proving that there’s more left in him for 2021. Ben says he’s getting the last laugh at people who were ready to write him off.

Ben wrote a very interesting article this past week about the predicament for sports in St. Louis county under Sam Page’s restrictions. He explains his article and what’s he’s heard from both side about the barring of play. Article here on

Some talk on Mizzou’s season as we’ve heard they’ll miss some players for their first game against Alabama. Listen here about the COVID effects on Mizzou football and BIG Ten’s plans: