It all comes down to the Cards Cubs rivalry and in, Ben Fred’s words, there will be a lot of digested fingernails. We talk about Joe Madden’s future in Chicago and how it compares to what was Matheny’s role. The Cubs front office has made many moves and they expect to win with those players on the team now.

Ben Fred says this will be postseason baseball before the postseason starts. The Cardinals have to at least get the spit series which has proven tough at Wrigley this year. How will Wacha do in a place that he hasn’t done so well in?

How about re-signing of Ozuna? What are the thoughts on Dylan Carlson and the timing of him joining the bigs?

The Mizzou football game against South Carolina this weekend could be interesting. Does Kelly Bryant make a difference in the result? Ben Fred says the Tigers need to minimize the self-inflicted wounds.

We talk MLS stadium and the next big reveal. Time is ticking for the ownership group to get the ball rolling. Also, the slow-build of the team’s operations side. Does Dan Flynn play a part?

Blues preseason has started. What stands out? How is the new practice facility helping?