This Friday we start by talking about actual college football on the horizon. Ben will be in Columbia for the Mizzou Tigers game against Alabama. Fans will be in attendance and schools are crossing their fingers that their preparations are enough. What kind of a statement will Eli Drinkwitz make in his first game, first season with the Tigers? A tough task to open facing Roll Tide. Some key players will get their shot for the Tigers as we’ve learned up to 11 players may miss the game due to Covid. How does a Ben Fred think it will shake out?

A recap on last week’s big High School sports news. This week Sam Page rolled back some of the regulations but not far enough for some as we’ve heard some districts are planning to play outside the county. Still many frustrated residents trying to figure out what’s best.

Confidence is low that Pietrangelo comes back to St. Louis. We have year to hear from Doug Armstrong though. What could it mean? Ben says “you can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube” so once he hits free agency, it could be a fine deal.

Ben and Dan disagree on the expanded playoffs in baseball. Ben argues that the regular season could be watered down or worth less if more than half the teams get to the playoffs. Some talk about Yadi, Wainwright and Cardinals off-season. Listen here: