Still not settled for the Cardinals going into the final series this weekend against Chicago. How will this series compare to last weekend’s thrilling Wrigley Field “massacre”? We talk to Ben Fred about his take aways from the sweep. Also, what is Joe Madden’s future with the Cubs? What about his staff?

We talk about the lineup against Arizona in game 3 this week. A lot of fans were frustrated with Shildt not playing, in their minds, the best players. Does Ben Frederickson agree? What are his thoughts on Michael Wacha and his performances in key games? Maybe the start in Arizona was the last time fans would see him pitch as a Cardinal.

Is Mike Shildt the manager of the year? It likely comes down to this weekend. Although his season makes for serious discussion, other managers have more outstanding evidence to point to right now.

Who would Ben Fred call the Cardinals season MVP? Arguments can be made for Wong, Goldschmidt and Flaherty. Why them? Does Flaherty win the Cy Young?

Big Blues deal this week. We talk about the sneaky move by Doug Armstrong to get Justin Faulk. What are the new defensemen’s accolades? The contract is quite long so does that mean anything for Pietrangelo’s free agency next year? First game for the 2019 team is Wednesday. Ben Fred talks about why this season could be better than last.

We talk Mizzou’s win against the SC Tigers. The defense stood out while Bryant did not. This year’s SEC is different than years past. How will Mizzou fare?

The Billikens have shored up a three-point shooter for this season; filling a big hole they had last year. Who else will shine? Ben Fred thinks this could be a very exciting team.

KU Adidas scandal, Mizzou misconduct and more allegations in NCAA college sports… Listen here: