So far the Cardinals have proven a few folks wrong in their comeback from the virus. They’re hanging around and this weekend against the Cubs could be a very big deal for the standings. With Dexter Fowler out for an undetermined amount of time, will the offense continue to be suspect? Did a few days rest do Carlson good? Bader, Thomas and O’Neill are in the spotlight too. Hopefully the day off was enough because there’s a lot of baseball this month.

We talk about the continued surge for Yadi and Adam Wainwright. What does Ben think about their return for next year and beyond? Are they a package deal? Financially, the team has to build around them if they’re part of 2021 or more.

We dive into the Blues trade of jake Allen and what’s next in the pursuit of a Pietrangelo contract. How much and from where will they make up the money to re-sign the captain? Allen was very well respected and, it seams, fans have mixed feelings about his departure.

Could there be a college basketball bubble? How does it affect SLU, Mizzou and Illinois? Listen here to how Ben Fred explains the situation and possibility here too.