Ben Frederickson, sports writer for The Post Dispatch had a chance to catch up with Mr. October, Reggie Jackson, this week in Tampa. Thinking he could ask Jackson about St. Louis native, Luke Voit of the Yankees, Jackson quickly turned it into an in-depth discussion with resounding praise for Paul Goldschmidt. In an article for the Post Dispatch, yesterday, Frederickson went into detail about the conversation. Jackson was absolute in his opinion that the Cardinals made the best off-season signing even when compared to Machado or Harper. Jackson went as far even as pulling up stats and comparing them to the likes of Hank Aaron, Pete Rose and himself.

For Ben Fred, the biggest thing that stood out in talking with Jackson was his prediction for Paul Goldschmidt in the future. He said he sees Paul Goldschmidt as someone who will produce at the major league level for at least 4 or 5 more years. Comparing Goldschmidt to himself as a hitter at 40 years old, Jackson said he thought he could be around for a long time.

Frederickson talked about the possibility that Paul Goldschmidt goes to the Yankees when he hits free agency. With Jackson being a big voice to the coaching staff of the Yankees, does the love that Jackson has for Paul Goldschmidt foreshadow a run at making him part of the club? Frederickson thinks that’s possible.

With 20 days left until Opening Day, the starting outfield spots are still in play. Between Fowler, Ozuna, Bader and O’Neill, Dan said he’s not comfortable saying which of the four is out yet. Ben said O’Neill is the fascinating wrinkle in an otherwise bleak offensive start for the Cardinals outfielders. Noting his home runs, Frederickson thinks O’Neill may not begin the season with Memphis.

Frederickson said Mike Shildt is leaving fingerprints everywhere and that there’s a positive vibe at camp because of the way he coaches. He said Shildt is thoughtful in answering media questions and that one can’t help but learn something in talking to him, similar to the ways of Tony La Russa.

Frederickson said that his starting pitchers right now would be Mikolas, Wacha, Flaherty, Wainwright and Gant in no particular order. Also, his perspective as of now is that the Cardinals may take seven relievers in the bullpen because of how well Tyler O’Neill has done. Frederickson said he could name six of those seven if it were him choosing: Miller, Hicks, Hudson, Mayers, Leone, and Brebbia. The last spot is still a toss-up between Reyes, Ponce de Leon, Gomber, Cecil, Gregerson and a few others. What about Reyes as a closer? Frederickson says it could happen.

Ben Frederickson has heard that Isaac Bruce has some level of interest in the XFL. Right now, it doesn’t look like he’ll be the head coach but Ben Fred think the XFL should contact him. He says St. Louis will likely have a lukewarm reaction to the team unless there are some names the fans recognize.

As far as #MLS4thelou, Frederickson expects to hear of Commissioner Garber coming to St. Louis to meet the Enterprise side of the ownership. Since Garber already has a relationship with Kavanaugh, he thinks Garber wants to get to know the ownership team with Enterprise and to visit about the corporate participation with the potential team.

Lastly, can Mizzou, Illinois or SLU basketball can make a postseason tournament? Frederickson said SLU is the best bet and needs to go into Brooklyn with a hot team and play as well as they have lately. Frederickson is also excited for Kelly Bryant in spring football with Mizzou and he said the football season will have a big impact on the #MakeitRight Campaign.


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