Martin Kilcoyne sits down to interview the interviewer. Martin and Dan tell stories about Tony La Russa, and how his interpersonal skills transcended what fans saw on television. Why did TLR insist on doing the interview with Dan before assembled media?

Also, Dan tells Martin about the revolving partnership he has in the booth each season. Whats it like to work with each personality from McCarver and Thompson to Edmonds and Horton? Which of his color commentators wants to socialize and talk baseball after a game? Who knows the most about baseball history vs. today’s game?

Martin then asks the tough questions- When does Dan sleep? How does he do all that he does? Podcasts everyday, radio calls, ball games, married with 4 kids, charity events, golf and more to juggle. How did Dan get his start? Who was his first big interview? Is it true that Dan turned down the Cardinals play-by-play job?

Musings about working behind the mic, time away from family, taking a “Roast’ too far and more: