Derrick Goold echoes the sentiment that the Astros press conference was a total mess. He said they weren’t prepared and it was like they were saying grown men couldn’t take responsibility for their own actions. They seem to be letting everyone else take blame and pointing fingers in all directions. Baseball clubs and players are really growing frustrated by this whole situation. We talk about what could be coming next around baseball.

Shildt has his “state of the union” type address this week and we’re starting to get specifics. Derrick asked about how Alex Reyes and Carlos Martinez compare to one another and the track of their careers. Now that the training wheels are off, what happens for Alex Reyes? Is he a potential closer? Opening day with the club is a possibility.

So many question marks for a team that was in the final four of baseball last year. WIll spring training answer those questions? Derrick says Bader and Lane Thomas have a better chance of making the opening day roster that Reyes and Munoz. Who has stood out so far? Derrick says Martinez actually looks surprisingly good. Rondon and Oviedo look good as well. Zach Thompson showed well too. Listen here: